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HBT: Pokemon Mystery Slab Packs

HBT: Pokemon Mystery Slab Packs

Love a bit of mystery? Want to try to get some value for money? Chasing older graded cards? Chasing modern graded cards? Love a good charizard or Pikachu? Fan of Eeveelutions? Then this is for you!


If you are a content creator and open one of these, I'd love you to tag me on Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube under 'HandmadeByTenille'!


What does each Mystery Slab Bag Contain?

- A PSA/CGC/TCG graded Pokemon Slab (either English or Japanese) which range from the 8-10 grade.

- Either a Pokemon Pack (Japanese/English Sword & Shield era to SV era) or a Pokemon Hit (Japanese/English FA, ARs or better)

- A cute handmade Pokemon Sticker


Some further information:

- Only available via TRACKED SHIPPING, please select Build-a-Box or a tracked option when purchasing or your order might be cancelled. 

- 1 x HandmadeByTenille $15 redeemable website voucher is hidden in one of the Mystery Slab Bags 

- 18.75% chance to hit a graded 10 slab

- 6.25% chance of hitting a Sword & Shield ALT ART

- Floor pricing at time of packing: $40 AUD

- Ceiling pricing at time of packing: $90 AUD

- A reminder that Mystery Products are for fun and if you are particularly chasing a specific slab, hit card or pack that you are perhaps better off purchasing that.


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